Welcome Under The Umbrella!
Hi There!
If you're new here, I'm Melanie.  I'm the owner of Orange Umbrella Co, but could not do it without my awesome team. 

Ashley runs our press, designs a lot of our kits, and she's also an inventory logging extraordinaire

Louann pulls and ships all your orders, cuts your custom scripts and overall runs a well oiled process from start to finish.  Most of our orders ship within 1-4 days.

Lindsey designs all our favor/stationery orders, hand doodles many of our designs and helps create kits. 

Jason (my husband) does all our maintenance on the building, machines, and computers.  He's also trained on running all the cutters but we try to keep him out of our space whenever possible. ;-)

Spazz is our female orange tabby shop cat.  She brings so much light to our lives and you can see her decorating our IG stories with all her funny antics.  Sorry if you receive a stray cat hair with your orders.  We try to keep her away from your things but if you have, or know, any cats you know they operate on laws all their own.

We offer 15% off on all orders with code PLANNERTIME so be sure to give yourself a little something extra and apply that at checkout!

Please feel free to drop us an email at hello@orangeumbrellaco.com, hit us up on the socials or use that handy dandy chat button on the bottom right of your screen for any questions, comments or concerns. 

We also have a weekly email newsletter that you can sign up for that will keep you in the loop with all new releases and special promotions.  We do try to limit to one email a week.  We know how hard it is to keep those inboxes clutter free!