We've got you covered!

Hi!  Melanie here!  If you're interested in the story behind Orange Umbrella Co, grab a beverage and get comfortable.  I started OUC in late 2013. (Although, I've been selling online since 2003!)

My goal with Orange Umbrella Co was to be a one stop shop for paper supplies for high-quality handmade paper goods personalized to your special events.  The planner items came later; but I have no idea why it took us so long to add that into our offerings.  They're our favorite items to create, hands down!

We moved into our shop in 2016. Six years later and we're starting to run out of room!


Orange Umbrella Co operates out of a really cool, old EMT building that looks like an old school firehouse. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm EST. Local customers are more than welcome to schedule an appointment and stop by for order pickup!


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